Healthy Wild Free - 10 Reasons You Need Sunshine (How To Protect Against Damaging UV Rays)

10 Reasons You Need Sunshine (How To Protect Against Damaging UV Rays)

Sunshine is such a beautiful warming exemplification of light, energy, warmth and life. We crave sunshine because it quite literally gives us health and vitality.

Here are 10 Benefits Of Sunshine Your Doctor May Not Know..

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Top 10 Benefits Of Sunshine

  1. Vitamin D3: Fighting pathogens, viruses, bacteria and more.
  2. Boosts Nitric Oxide: A gaseous molecule that improves circulation and heart health!
  3. Bone Density: Vitamin D3 benefits keeping the bones strong and stable.
  4. Creates 4th Phase Of Water: Dr. Gerald Pollack discovered the sun creates the 4th phase of water in our body.
  5. Detoxifying Agent: Sunshine induces sweat which removes toxins from the body! Esp the groin and pits!
  6. Improves Energy Levels: When I have water fasted I found I got direct energy from the sun!
  7. Improves Circadian Rhythm: Your internal clock that regulates asleep/awake cycles. Morning sunshine is important!
  8. Improve Serotonin & Melatonin: Serotonin (Happy Hormone) and Melatonin (Sleep Hormone) to feel & sleep well.
  9. Improve Eye Health: Sunshine benefits eye health and helps to keep them young and able!
  10. Modulates Insulin Levels: Sunshine helps to monitor blood sugar levels in the body and modulate insulin!

Remember that light is quite literally a nutrient. Sunshine is what creates creates so many nutrients such as antioxidants in plants through the process of photosynthesis. We need healthy light in order to be healthy. The 4th phase of water which helps to move, hydrate and detoxify our lymphatic system is crucial. I do believe that we need more than 15 minutes each day in the sun.

Nutrients To Protect Against UV/Sun Damage:

  1. Lycopene: Reduces sunburn by 25%. Simply include this nutrient in your diet and lifestyle. Cooked tomatoes are a high source of lycopene along with watermelon, guava, grapefruit, papaya, red bell peppers, persimmons, asparagus, red cabbage, raspberries and mangoes.

  2. Astaxanthin: With a high enough dose of astaxanthin I have gone without sunscreen at all. In fact, I never wear sunscreen I just take astaxanthin. Salmon, lobster, red trout, crab, red sea bream and shrimp are all great sources of astaxanthin. I have taken this Hawaiian astaxanthin supplement (on amazon here) and it has worked great if I take it consistently when I get a lot of sun. It also benefits joint health!

  3. Hydration & Antioxidant Rich Foods: Remember that sun damage and sunburn is a lot of heat that the body is absorbing. Foods that are rich in antioxidants such as blueberries and watermelon are great because they contain a lot of water that helps to heal and soothe but are also rich in antioxidants such as lycopene and vitamin C. Foods like blueberries, watermelon, cucumbers, any melons and green tea are great.

    If you include lycopene and astaxanthin rich foods in your diet and eat some of the top hydration foods such as cucumber and watermelon you’ll be preventing your skin from being burned and damaged from the inside out.

What About Topical Sun Protection?

Red raspberry oil (organic on amazon here) is a great moisturizer and contain high levels of both omega 3 and omega 6 EFA’s. These essential fatty acids paired with antioxidants and natural vitamin E do a great job protecting the skin externally as a topical oil. It has a natural SPF somewhere between 28 and 50 depending on quality is said to have anti-inflammatory properties as well.

Now you can ditch the toxic sunscreen. Even “natural” sunscreens contain toxic things like propylene glycol, preservatives or things that dry out and wrinkle the skin. The content of this article is the natural way that nature intended! Get outside and get some sun, paired with antioxidants!

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