Healthy Wild Free - 5 Ways To Reduce Stress Almost Instantly

5 Ways To Reduce Stress Almost Instantly

Stress is the silent killer according to medical professionals worldwide. Ongoing stress that isn’t dealt with in a healthy way compounds and creates what’s known as oxidative stress on the body. This oxidative stress spikes stress hormone production such as cortisol from the adrenal glands.

When the body is in a constant state of stress without the nutritional resilience to uphold it’s integrity the body begins to break down slowly. Oxidative stress is basically an imbalance of free radicals and electrons in the body. Free radicals create oxidative stress and antioxidants (in food, oils, plants) help to combat these damaging free radicals.

Not only does stress effect the physical body but it impacts the mind and emotions as well. The physical stress can be recovered from with a nice relaxation session, a good nights rest. The mental and emotional benefits of stress however may be harder to cope with.

“Stress is Self Inflicted As Much As it is In Our Environment”

I have a personal belief that stress is self inflicted as much as it is in our environment. It is as much self inflicted by our REACTION to stressors as it is by the stressor itself. Does that make sense?

An example is, a car cuts you off and you react by yelling and getting angry at them. The initial stressor was actually less stressful to your body than your reaction to it. Let that sink in.

Stress Has Physical, Mental & Emotional Solutions

Physically speaking the body spikes the hormone cortisol (created from the adrenal glands) to pump that this hormone into the body. Cortisol then dumps glucose (sugar) into the bloodstream to cope with the stress. This causes the body to burn through sugars (the fastest burning energy fuel source) faster. There are intelligent ways to cope with this.

1. Chrysanthemum flower quite literally pulls cortisol out of the blood (read how here) which stops the hormone from burning glucose before it even happens.

2. Get more glucose! I recommend a spoonful of honey. You want to have a healthier source of sugar that is also paired with vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Raw honey (which is cheap on amazon here) is perfect for that.

These are two simple ways to deal with cortisol, the stress hormone that sparks the stress reaction in the body.

Beyond cortisol and it’s utilization of more glucose at a faster rate the body burns minerals (specifically magnesium) as well as B-vitamins. The body then has to deal with the oxidative stress with powerful antioxidants. To deal with the body burning more of these nutrients you simply want to be replenishing them often and quicker. Visit our store here and click ‘supplements’ then scroll down to magnesium and use the discount code for the Omica Organics spray. I recommend topical magnesium as it’s easy, fast and absorbs right into the bloodstream quickly.

Next, you’ll want to eat foods that are rich in an array of B-vitamins to replenish B-vitamins in the body. B-vitamins directly benefit the nervous system so if you’re feeling ‘fried’ then B-vitamins and magnesium will help a lot.

Adaptogens For Stress

Beyond the core micro and macro nutrients for stress such as B-vitamins, magnesium and glucose the body directly benefits from adaptogens and antioxidants for stress coping. Adaptogens work create a more adaptive environment for stress to be handled by the body. Adaptogens were commonly used in Chinese, Ayurvedic (Indian) and Russian medicine.

One of the most common adaptogens that I have seen great results with is Ashwagandha. A lot of research has been poured into this root and has found that this root has chemicals that lower blood pressure, bolster immunity and calm the brain. It’s a mild sedative that helps the body, brain, and cardiovascular system ‘chill out’ a bit more. The research is strong and it works. This is one reason we decided to add Ashwagandha in our Radiate Immunity formula. Ashwagandha is traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine.

Suma root is another powerful adaptogen for combatting stress from the Amazon rainforest. We love Suma because it contains Magnesium and B-vitamins, which are some of the key nutrients burned when in a state of stress. How convenient is this adaptogen? Suma is rich in polyphenols and alkaloids that have an antioxidant effect on the body to deal with oxidative stress. This was also included in the Radiate Immunity formula as the nutritional profile just made sense to combat stress wisely from all angles.

Antioxidants For Stress

Antioxidants deal with oxidative stress directly. Remember that oxidation comes from free radicals. Free radicals are in our environment from toxins, pollution, chemicals and as a byproduct of oxidation of our metabolism. Wear and tear from our environment so to speak. If you live in the city or in a high stress area the level of free radicals is higher in your environment. It is incredibly important to have sufficient antioxidants to combat this oxidative stress.

Hydrogen is a strong antioxidant that you can get from drinking hydrogen rich water. Divinia water is the only water on the market I’ve seen that sells hydrogen water by the bottle. You can also get hydrogen from specific food sources that are rich in Hydrogen. Cloves actually help the body to produce more hydrogen (an antioxidant) so getting cloves in your diet or clove oil from the Radiate Immunity supplement is helpful.

There is an important metric for understanding the antioxidant capacity of any plant. It is known as ORAC value. ORAC stands for oxygen radical absorbance capacity. This is the measurement of the TAC (total antioxidant capacity) of something.

The top 2 ORAC rated antioxidants in the world are Sangre De Grado and Clove oil. These are BOTH in our radiate immunity formula to combat stress. We also added Oregano oil which still comes in high on the list at number seven.

Many fruits and vegetables are rich in ORAC value antioxidants. Fruits and vegetables alike. Many berries have high ORAC value, as well as micro-greens, and leafy green vegetables.

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