Healthy Wild Free - 8 Delicious Healthy Beverages You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

8 Delicious Healthy Beverages You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

  1. Asarasi Water: Asarasi water coming in at #1 for their unique product that has a delicious taste and pristine purity! Asarasi water is made from maple tree water, so it is purified by the best water purification water technology in the world. Nature itself! This coconut water of the north (maple water) is then carbonated and flavored with natural fruits. Lime, lemon, cherry. You can get a 12-pack on amazon to try here!

2. Genius Juice: Genius juice are the most delicious tasting coconut smoothie that I have personally ever had. The drink is coconut water blended with coconut meat so you get the full nutritional profile of the smoothie. It’s rich delicious flavor is more like a smoothie meal in a bottle. Rich with healthy fats and filling. Their flavors range from original coconut, to Mocha, to vanilla cinnamon. They are all delicious and highly nutritious! A great source of healthy fast calories. Certified Organic! You can get these in some local stores. But you can also buy a 12 pack of them online on amazon here.

3. Divinia Water: Divinia water is delicious pure water. This water company is very innovative in that they are from what I have seen the only water in the company in the world brave enough to get studies done on their water. Guess what? The studies have all been positive. They have innovated an incredible purification process that removes more toxins and chemicals from water than anything else on the market. If you’re looking for good clean water, I’d trust Divinia over any nestle owned water brand. You can actually watch an episode from the show Start-up on Amazon Prime here which features the family, their story and struggles to get Divinia water off the ground. It is a great episode! Highly recommend.

4. Kombucha Town: Kombucha town makes the list for creating some very unique tasting kombucha’s and also for creating formula’s for specific reasons. They have a ginger kombucha for energy, and a lavender kombucha for resting and relaxing. How cool is that? They have a wide range of delicious flavors that will give you that summer boost in energy and probiotics in liquid form! Get some Lavender or Ginger Kombucha town on Amazon here.

5. Honey Drop Lemonade: Honey drop lemonade makes delicious lemonade with simple ingredients. With flavors like cayenne, passionfruit, charcoal, even galaxy and unicorn lemonade (currently sold out) you cannot go wrong! The company even recently started offering manuka honey lip balms, at a decent price of just $4.25. They have a delicious and nutritious twist on traditional lemonade that you’ll be sure to love!

6. Smari Kaffi: Branding themselves as Icelandic protein coffee, what’s not to love? I’m already intrigued! I’m not a coffee drinker myself but if the caffeine is mixed with something delicious that has a great taste, I will enjoy here and there. Smari Kaffi has uniquely positioned themselves as “Protein coffee” instead of “Fat coffee” that has already been a thing. Icelandic protein coffee was founded by a man that moved from Iceland to the United States and created this unique coffee experience that may be worth trying if you’re a coffee lover yourself. They may be completely sold out of products, at the time of this writing it seems so! Good luck procuring a few bottles!

7. Yerbae: Yerbae offers sparkling energy drinks which do contain caffeine as well, but also antioxidants. They come in many flavors across the board. Mostly fruit/berry flavors. It’s more widely available so may be a healthier option for energy on the road. The caffeine comes from Yerba Mate and the formula is also enhanced with white tea as well as guarana seed (an Amazonian seed) which is an energy booster. This clean caffeine and antioxidant formula works out pretty well for a liquid energy boost. See the many flavors that Yerbae sparkling water offers on Amazon here.

8. Xoca Prebiotic Soda!

Xoca is a sparkling beverage that is made from the chocolate fruit. There is no added sugar and it is rich in prebiotics and nutrients. It is naturally sweet as it’s a fruit and the thing I love about this company is that they upcycle the cacao fruit and are working to conserve more of the Amazon. This is a really good story on them here. You can buy Xoca water on Amazon here!

Try Xoca on Amazon here!

I’m a huge fan of trying new healthy beverages. You’ll often find me in the kitchen with a water, juice, or milk (non-dairy) base and build a drink from scratch! This is something I have done for years. Start with a drink base and add superfoods, powders, berries and more! Some of these drinks above have inspired my elixir mind. They’re worth trying and it’s worth experimenting with your own healthy superfood drinks as well.

Cheers to a healthy, vitality rich summer!

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