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David Benjamin is an avid health and wellness researcher and advocate for nutrition, detoxification and understanding how to modulate your own personal biology.

On camera talking about how shoe’s affect posture!

Early life..

I was born in West Michigan, Grand Rapids Michigan to be exact. I grew up in a family of 6. I have an older brother, and two younger sisters. My dad was a salesman. Always on the road traveling throughout Michigan and the Midwest. My mom was a mother, a wife and interested in health and nutrition from a young age. She ran track in high school and was as a freshman in high school her time by the season passed the #1 track star in Grand Rapids, as a freshman! The city poised her to be the next track name to watch in the city of Grand Rapids. With a promising track career ahead of her, as she ran her feet literally gave out the very next summer. Her arches fell and her nerve endings were burned. Her feet completely and she could no longer walk, let alone run without being in pain.

This led to her further interest in nutrition. Which led to her cooking healthier meals, having what I have still seen to this day the heaviest juicer known to man. Jack Lalanne had an influence on her and ultimately our family’s health. Unfortunately, she wasn’t fully equipped with all that she knows now. She ended up taking a drug called accutane for her acne in her high school years, which later (many years later) led to my brother being born with a birth defect. My brothers middle finger only grew halfway and it was a challenge for him growing up.

People say “Side effects” when referring to drugs. Maybe for them. For my family this is something we know as a “main effect” a “lifelong effect” for our family member.

This led to my initial distrust and disliking of Big Pharma.

Years later as an 11 year old kid I found out that my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 Colon cancer.

My sister Sarah, Rebekah, Mom (Pictured Center), Brother Joseph and Me – David!

This was devastating, we thought she wouldn’t be around much longer.

Thankfully my mom met a doctor and treasure hunter (literally) by the name of "Amazon John Easterling" who happened to be married to the singer, actress Olivia-Newton John from the film Grease. 

John's has an interesting story. He fell sick on the Amazon rainforest with Dengue/Malaria (I forget which, something he could have died from) while hunting for treasure in the Amazon. A local tribe in Peru took him in and nursed him back to health and life, literally saving his life. 

Shocked by this experience, he had the realization that here he was searching for treasure in the Amazon (Skulls, artifacts, gems) and he had found it! He had found his treasure. Plant based therapies!

Excited with this new discovery he eventually launched a company called "Amazon Herb Co" based out of Jupiter, Florida. 
John Easterling & Olivia Newton John
If it wasn't for John's falling and getting sick in the amazon, and being saved by a Peruvian tribe in the jungle. My mom may not still be alive here with us today. Thankfully, my mom was already working within the holistic health and wellness industry before her diagnosis and knew John Easterling. 

This led to my mom being interested in health and wellness and becoming a biofeedback practitioner. 

For me, growing up seeing the effect of a pharmaceutical drug (on my brother) and seeing my mom heal from stage 4 cancer without chemotherapy, radiation or surgery taught me a lot. 

My Mission Was To “End The Pharmaceutical Industry As We Know It”

At 16 years old I read the book "Natural cures they don't want you to know about" by Kevin Trudeau and that taught me how detrimental the pharmaceutical industry really was. Knowing that this impacted my brother deeply, put a fire behind my mission and rocket fuel in my footstep. 

My mission is to create awareness around prevention based health and awareness. Utilizing nutrition, diet, movement, detoxification, emotional release and more. 

This led to my launch of in 2012, after spending about 5 years teaching holistic skincare and gut health education online. Healthy Wild And Free (Not, what you're reading now) was a huge success. The website reached millions of people, had millions of articles spread all over the web. Our content was featured on places like,, March Against Monsanto, Green Living Tribe and many other health publications. 

During this time, I had a lot of success reaching people with health content. The challenge was that I had no income, so I used ads and attractive (clickbait) headlines to draw in readers. I learned and taught a lot over the last 9 years in the health and wellness world. But it wasn't for the passion and the on-on-one impact that I had teaching natural gut detoxification and skincare health, which is what I was doing 5 years prior to 2012. 

After being ba-nn-ed from face--book in 2020, along with a major hack of my websites and losing access to my social media audiences and followings, I decided to launch in 2021, to rebirth that mission and focus on direct health education for YOU! 

The mission of Healthy Wild Free is to rebirth Healthy Wild And Free. To share my health growth with you on that journey. 

To educate on health, nutrition, dietary and detoxification guidance. 

I've spent a good $50k on health and wellness supplements, superfoods, technologies, therapies and treatments in my life. This experience has helped me refine which supplements and superfoods are worth the money, and which are not. Which technologies and therapies are worth the money, and which are not. 

I've had the privilege of spending time with some of the greatest minds in health and wellness. Having been invited to private dinners, events and afterparties that have allowed me to pick the minds of some of the most brilliant people in the health and wellness industry. My goal is to take this knowledge and deliver it to you! As well as to take my experiences and benefit your life.

My goal is to save you time, energy and money so that you can have a better quality of life, more energy, deeper sleep and a higher quality of life in general. 

The Top 3 Causes of Death in The US

1. Heart Disease 
2. Cancer
3. Iatrogenic Error (Medical Error) 

With our understanding of biology, genetics, and more recently epigenetics (above genetics) we understand that the health of our heart and the state of our body are more in our control and power than ever before. We don't need to die of heart disease or cancer. We sure as hell don't need to visit the doctor or hospital, if we're extremely healthy and metabolically flexible and adaptive. 

I'll be sharing nutrition, strategies and techniques to optimize heart health, immunity and more in our email newsletter. 

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