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Are Prebiotics More Important Than Probiotics?

Prebiotics and probiotics are both important forms of bacteria to have in your diet. Probiotics are commonly sold as supplements as well as other pill or capsules. However, probiotics seem to be most alive and most rich in healthy bacteria when fermented within food or drinks. Something live and living.

Prebiotics on the other hand are pre-cursors to probiotics (good bacteria) being produced in your gut. If your body has enough prebiotics in it the body will produce healthy bacteria on it’s own. This is a good thing and an important thing.

Ideally you have prebiotics in your diet to ensure that your body creates healthy bacteria, additionally, ideally you have probiotics in your diet also to ensure that your body always has enough healthy forms of bacteria in it. This way your gut, and immune system stay healthy and on track.

Probiotics go in and eat unhealthy bacteria and quite literally are looking for unhealthy bacteria (and fat, and toxins) to eat. So, you want more probiotics in your diet more often.

The answer to the question, which is more important prebiotics or probiotics? Well, prebiotics help the body create healthy bacteria, and probiotics are simply sources of these healthy bacteria. Both are most ideal, but prebiotics are often overlooked as probiotics are marketed more widely.

Prebiotic Foods To Eat More Of:

  1. Cacao: Cacao, or the bean that goes into the making of chocolate is a source of prebiotic fiber. This is good for gut health and helps your body to produce healthy gut bacteria, naturally.
  2. Artichoke: Jerusalem artichoke is a healthy source of prebiotic fiber. This can often be in a syrup or liquid form.
  3. Bananas: Beyond sharing more than 50% of our own DNA, bananas are freakishly healthy sources of prebiotic fiber and minerals like potassium which help the body to hydrate better.

Prebiotics Are Important –> Probiotics Are Necessary

  • Prebiotic foods help your body to create probiotics but oftentimes we do not get enough prebiotics in our diet, or we are eating those prebiotics paired with sugar (like in the case of chocolate) so the sugar that feeds the bad bacteria overpowers the prebiotic potential of cacao. For this reason, it is important to not only eat prebiotic foods but to eat probiotic foods also.

Probiotic Foods Include:

  1. Saurkraut: Saurkraut is a Polish-German dish that has taken cabbage and simply fermented it. Common on Polish Sausages, and other German/Polish dishes. One spoonful of this gives your body healthy probiotic for your gut!
  2. Kimchi: Kimchi is a Korean dish, that is also very popular in Japan. This dish is a combination of cabbage, carrots, ginger, radish, garlic, chili. It’s a spicier fermented dish that gets your gut moving! The heat fires up the metabolism while the probiotics support intestinal and immune health.
  3. Kefir: Kefir is a fermented drink that comes from both dairy and non-dairy sources. You can make a milk based kefir as well as a water based kefir. This is a drink that ferments (similar to kombucha) and creates active probiotics to drink!
  4. Kombucha: Kombucha is a fermented form of tea that has become popular in Eastern Europe, Korea and China. You see Kombucha in most health food stores for $3.50 to $4 typically.
  5. Sourdough Bread: Arguably the healthiest form of bread is sourdough bread as it’s a fermented bread that starts with healthy probiotics as the key ingredients to make the bread. This typically runs for about $8 a loaf however.

    Thankfully, creating probiotics can quite literally be CREATED in your home.

    Imagine being able to create vitamins and minerals on demand, to be able to print your vitamins and minerals out on your 3-D printer.

    That’s almost what probiotic fermentation is like at home. You can quite literally create your own probiotics from home.

    The best part? Once you start the fermentation process the probiotics (good bacteria) grow over time, so you can literally create these things, leave them sitting and over time the probiotics grow and become stronger.

    Stop buying expensive probiotic pills for $50 a bottle.

    Get an entire game plan to ferment your own vegetables, drinks and bread!

    Visit to learn how to become proficient in creating probiotic rich foods and drinks at home from scratch.

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