Healthy Wild Free - Boost Your Energy, Immunity & More With Negative Ions From Nature (How To Get Them)

Boost Your Energy, Immunity & More With Negative Ions From Nature (How To Get Them)

For some reason when we go into nature we feel a sense of calm. A sense of bliss and are able to breathe more deeply and fuller. We feel more calm, relaxed, tranquil. Nature has a way of soothing us and reducing our stress load.

In a dense forest you’re surrounded by many things that give you that relaxed and tranquil feeling. First, all the noise and hectic energy in the city is gone. So your mind has a grounded, quiet place to think, process and feel. Sometimes our thinking and emotions get clouded when we are around others too often and don’t have the time and space to process what we need to process inside ,just for us.

In nature you’re also surrounded by fresh forest air, nature and negative ions. Fresh air and nature are great. Negative ions are one of the benefits of being in nature that’s rarely talked about. We have two main forms of ions that we deal with in our lives. Positive ions and negative ions. There are different types of ions within positive and negative ions. When we are surrounded by electricity, WIFI, bluetooth and cell phone towers we are immersed in an environment rich in positive ions, which it turns out aren’t so positive after all.

Nature on the other hand, away from cell phone towers and WIFI is rich in negative ions.

Both positive and negative ions have a different effect on our health and wellbeing. Positive ions cause stress, inflammation and issues with the flow of our health. They bunch up, coagulate and cause health issues. Negative ions on the other way are relaxing, good for the respiratory system (breathing and oxygen pathways) as well as relaxing.

The Highest Concentration Of Negative Ions Are in Or Near Moving Water

  • Waterfalls
  • Rivers
  • Streams
  • Ocean Waves Crashing
  • Hot Springs
  • Cold Springs

    Are all rich sources of negative ions. When you’re immersed in this water or close to it breathing in that air you’re benefiting directly from soaking up negative ions.
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Negative Ions Benefit Health By:

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