Healthy Wild Free - Chrysanthemum Flower Tea Pulls Stress Hormones Out Of The Blood

Chrysanthemum Flower Tea Pulls Stress Hormones Out Of The Blood

There is a beautiful flower known as Chrysanthemum flower that has a wide range of health benefits and has been used in Chinese medicine for about 1,000 years. The royal Chrysanthemum was only gifted to people within the royal family at the time. You can make Chrysanthemum tea by placing the whole flower in hot water. Doing this releases a very nice range of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and plant chemicals into the tea. It has been in use for centuries which makes it sought by many natural healers.

The 7 Rich Benefits Of Chrysanthemum Flower

  1. A Rich Source Of B Vitamins:

    B vitamins are important for many functions in the body. Chrysanthemum includes folic acid, choline, riboflavin and niacin. B-vitamins are vital nutrients for the nervous system, energy production, metabolism, hormone levels, neurotransmitter activity as well as circulation.

  2. Benefits Bone Health:

    The mineral composition of chrysanthemum is beneficial for bone health and preventing bone loss. Prevention of osteoporosis and any degradation of bone health is benefited by making this floral tea.

  3. Chrysanthemum Improves Vision:

    Chrysanthemum flower is a rich source of beta-carotene which is converted by the body into vitamin A. Vitamin A has a strong tie to eye health. Anything form cataracts to blurry vision to macular degeneration and anything in between can be benefited by Vitamin A.

  4. Chrysanthemum Flower Beautifies The Skin:

    This flower being rich in Beta-carotene that converts into vitamin A is also beneficial for the beauty of the skin. Chrysanthemum has been long used for any skin irritation conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, acne and more. It has been known to reduce signs of aging by taming wrinkles and blemishes thanks to the antioxidant profile of this flower.

  5. Chrysanthemum Flower Promotes Immunity:

    This flower is rich in both vitamin C and vitamin A. Both of these vitamins are crucial for immune health. Vitamin C works to create new white blood cells which help to act in an antioxidant manner to protect against harmful acts from free radicals. Chrysanthemum flower is also rich in minerals such as potassium, magnesium and calcium which are also very important for a healthy and functional immune system.

  6. Chrysanthemum Flower Promotes Relaxation:

    Chrysanthemum flower is a relaxing flower. The tea actually reduces inflammation, cools the body and promotes a state of relaxation by lowering blood pressure. Each of these individually make the body calmer, all together create a harmonious effect on the body being calm. Additionally the rich profile of minerals and antioxidants help to remove excess stress minerals from the blood. Essentially, this tea helps to calm the body, heart and nervous system.

  7. Chrysanthemum Flower Improves Heart Health:

    Studies have shown that chrysanthemum flower improves heart health in multiple ways. It gives relief to coronary artery diseases as well as lowers blood pressure. It has also been known to lower cholesterol levels. Chrysanthemum is rich in potassium which is a strong vasodilator which may be the main reasoning behind lowering blood pressure.

    There are many reasons to give this flower tea a try today. It benefits immunity, beauty, the cardiovascular system, immunity, the skin, vision and more!

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