Healthy Wild Free - Digestive Bitters Before Every Meal Light Your Digestive Fire

Digestive Bitters Before Every Meal Light Your Digestive Fire

When it comes to digestive health we hear a lot of ideas and suggestions from health experts. Everything from enzymes, to prebiotics and probiotics and everything in between. A lesser talked about digestive tactic that needs to be discussed but unfortunately isn’t is a little lesser known health tactic called “digestive bitters” – But what are they?

Digestive bitters were originally created as an alcohol shot to be taken about 30 minutes before your meal. Licor 43 is an example of this. It was made from 43 herbs and spices as a digestive bitter in Spain. Digestive bitters are used by many cultures across the world from Spain to Russia, India to Asia, and the Mediterranean. It was even found that ancient Egyptians infused their wine with herbs as digestive bitters.

Licor 43
Blend of 43 Digestive Bitters in Alcohol

Digestive bitters are a simple formula of bitter herbs that support digestive function in a few different and very important ways. First they stimulate digestive juices, like stomach acid such as Hydrochloric acid (HCL), bile made in the liver, and enzymes. It is important to build a strong digestive system and metabolism so that we can breakdown food naturally. Then the body can properly absorb all those healthy nutrients you intake.

How Digestive Bitters Work

Digestive bitters work starting at the point where all food enters the mouth. The tongue actually contains T2Rs (bitter taste receptors) that our brain perceives as bitter and our brain communicates with the vagus nerve relays this to the salivary glands, pancreas, stomach and liver. This then promotes the digestive enzymes and juices to be produced.

Additionally the stomach has bitter taste receptors that release hormones into the blood that helps us to feel satiated and full, which triggers us to stop eating when truly full to prevent overeating.

The Downside of Digestive Bitters

Digestive bitters are great because they quite simply do one thing very well. They stimulate the liver to do what it naturally does on the spot. HCL production, bile and enzyme production is all done in the liver. That’s because the liver is responsible for these processes.

The only real downside to digestive bitters is that most of them are made in the form of alcohol. The liver has to process this alcohol and then it makes it a big more challenging for the liver long-term.

Because many health conscious people do not drink alcohol does not mean that you still cannot utilize digestive bitters. The benefit to the alcohol shot is that the spices, herbs, leaves and flowers that are in the alcohol get extracted into the alcohol and absorbed into the blood quickly. Then the liver has to deal with the alcohol however.

What Plants Are Digestive Bitters?

There are a variety of digestive bitters. What you’ll want to do is eat these or take them in a liquid form before consuming food. Each digestive bitter has benefits in it’s own unique way. Some are more antioxidant rich, some are more calming, some are anti-inflammatory and more.

Ginger: is a universal medicine and a nice warming spice to stoke the metabolic fire. It is also carminative which means that it relieves gas and bloating. It is a great digestive bitter to eat before your meal that improves bowel movements.

Dandelion: A nice nutrient rich bitter. It is great for the liver which benefits fat digestion as well as cleanses the liver and makes way for bile to be produced in the liver. This is an anti-inflammatory bitter.

Chicory Root: Chicory root is a bitter that helps digestion and bowel function as well as helps to regulate blood sugar.

Wormwood: is a bitter that is beneficial for actually increasing appetite as well as aiding in overall digestion. It is also beneficial for fighting parasites in the body.

Oregon Grape Root: This contains a plant compound called berberine which has both anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. It has been used in ancient chinese medicine to treat stomach issues, heartburn and psoriasis.

Other Bitters Worth Ingesting Before Your Meals:

Enjoy bitters before your meals and you’ll noticed an improved digestive system and stronger digestive health, along with a stronger metabolic fire to metabolize your food.

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