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Having spent 10+ years working in the health and wellness industry I have gotten to get connected to a lot of health and wellness companies over the years. During this time I have created relationships with these companies so that have allowed me to create discounts and deals for you! Because you’re a valued insider, I have shared these here.

These are health and wellness brands that I personally use on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis!

Before you check out products from other brands, please take a look at Radiate Immunity which is our product that is formulated for so much. Watch the video to learn more here:

  1. Radiate Immunity: Radiate Immunity was formulated to support lung, lymphatic, gut and liver health. It contains 18 ingredients that are from Ayurvedic, Chinese Amazonian and Native American medicine all in one liquid capsule. This liquid capsule can be taken normally or they can melt under the tongue to melt sublingually.

    Click here to visit and use the discount code: wildfreevip for 10% off!

  2. Omica Organics: Omica organics creates water filters for the kitchen and shower as well as many ayurvedic plants and medicinal powders. They have the best water filters in my opinion! I recommend one for your kitchen sink and shower! They also have shilajit, topical magnesium oil, turmeric, ashwagandha , aloe vera, alma and so much more. They carry the best ayurvedic powders on the market as they are grown biodynamically. Which means that there are no chemicals used in the growth process at all. This is BETTER than organic.

    Click here to visit Omica Organics and use the discount code: VFDF7M for 10% off your order!
    (This is a lifetime discount code, so it works every time you order! Be sure to save it!)

  3. PaleoValley: Paleovalley has great supplements and snacks. They have incredible grass-fed beef jerky sticks as well as healthy food bars. They also have an organic (non-synthetic) vitamin C supplement that’s great as well as a great organ meat supplement!

    Click here to visit a special link to get 15% off your entire PaleoValley purchase!

  4. Boku Superfoods: Boku Superfoods are incredible! They have amazing seasonings for food, powders and berry powders as well as a great products for nose health (breathing) and dental health as well. They are incredibly high quality and worth giving a shot! You’ll love the taste and uniqueness of Boku Superfoods.

    Click here to visit Boku Superfoods.
    Use the discount code: healthywildfree for 10% off!

  5. Kasandrinos Olive Oil: Kasandrinos olive oil is an incredible company that produces olive oils and vinegars that are delicious! Organic, non-gmo. Super high quality. What I love is that the olive oil here is imported from Greece, so it is certified organic in Europe which has a higher organic standard than we do here in the USA.

    Click here to visit Kasandrinos Olive Oil to get a FREE bottle of Olive Oil. Just pay 8 bucks shipping!

  6. Bioptimizers: Bioptimizers is a company that created digestive aid supplements such as digestive enzymes and HCL as well as a great magnesium supplement. I personally use and like their digestive enzymes as well as their magnesium breakthrough supplement.

    Click here to get magnesium breakthrough.
    Click here to get Masszymes digestive enzymes.
    Use discount code: HEALTHYWILDFREE for 10% off!

  7. Bellicon Rebounder Trampolines: I absolutely love Bellicon rebounder trampolines. This trampoline company is engineered in Germany/Switzerland and is now in the United States. This in my personal opinion (and based on experience, having tried many different fitness protocols and routines) is THE best lymphatic drainage piece of exercise equipment that you can own. The movement on the trampoline helps to move the lymphatic system better than anything else. Now three of my family members have a Bellicon trampolime! My mother, brother and sister all have one. A good chunk of my family is jumping on them!

    Click here to visit Bellicon and get free shipping (Save about $80) in the United States.

8. Mito Red Light:

Mito red light creates red lights for circulation, lymphatic health and so much more. Red lights mimic sunlight. In the wintertime they are helpful to increase blood flow, improve hormones, improve skin health, lymphatic health, mitochondrial support and so much more. If you live in the north and have months each year when you don’t have sunshine this is a godsend!

Click here to visit Mito Red Light.

9. Schizandu Naturals:

Schizandu naturals has great beauty products as well as activated charcoal capsules and powder. I really love their skin and beauty products as well as their charcoal which is a great detoxifying agent.

Click here to visit Schizandu naturals and get 10% off your order!

10. Ava Jane’s Kitchen:

Ava Jane’s kitchen provides amazing healthy foods and in particular salt that’s microplastic free. The latest research shows that 90% of salt contains microplastics! They ensure their salt is microplastic free. I love their salt, it tastes incredible and is truly worth it!

Click here to visit Ava Jane’s kitchen and get your first bag of their salt FREE! Just pay S&H!

11. Truly Free:

Truly free makes laundry detergent, household cleaners and other incredible solutions for the home. I love that they are non-toxic, healthy and eco-friendly.

Click here to visit Truly Free and get 300 loads of laundry FREE!

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