Healthy Wild Free - Dopamine (Your Motivation Hormone) Can Be Boosted in These 3 Ways

Dopamine (Your Motivation Hormone) Can Be Boosted in These 3 Ways

Feeling motivated is an important internal drive and desire to have to reach for and accomplish your goals in life. Your energy and hormones play a role in the success of this internal fortitude. There are certain hormones that weaken your internal feelings of motivation and there are certain hormones that strengthen your internal motivation. Stress hormones like cortisol will bring down your feelings of motivation and energy. It’s draining. If you feel that stress is contributing to why you are not feeling motivated or energized learn how these 5 ways can reduce stress almost instantly.

Dopamine is the “Hormone For Motivation” And Here’s What’s Tricky About It..

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that communicates with your brain. It sends signals and messages that you’ve accomplished something. When you win a game for example your dopamine receptors are fired up! When you accomplish a task or complete a goal your dopamine is also boosted. Something as trivial as notifications on social media, you know, those little red notifications that light up your screen. Even something as trivial as that can give you a dopamine hit.

The challenge isn’t boosting dopamine, it’s boosting dopamine in a healthy manner so that you use this powerful motivation hormone to the benefit of your life as opposed to winning video games and becoming more popular on social media, unless of course this is connected to your career in some way.

The Top 3 Ways To Boost Dopamine Naturally

  1. Velvet Bean/Mucuna: Mucuna is a bean that has been traditionally used for male infertility and nervous system disorders. Nutritionally speaking this is the #1 plant to boost dopamine levels naturally. Recently it was discovered that Mucuna actually contains L-Dopa which is a precursor to dopamine production in the body. Once L-Dopa crosses the blood brain barrier it is then converted into dopamine. Mucuna can also increase sex drive in both men and women, reduce cellulite, body fat and lower cholesterol levels. It also helps to boost energy and maintain healthy blood sugar levels. I get my pure organic Mucuna from a company called Omica Organics which you can visit by clicking here or below. Use the discount code: VFDF7M for 10% off your entire order! Save this code as it’s a lifetime discount code. Or you can just visit the link and access it in the future with other great discounts on health and wellness products.
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2. Get More Sunshine!

There was a study done with 68 healthy adults that showed that the people those who had the most sunshine in the past 30 days had the highest density of dopamine receptors in their reward and movement centers of the brain. What this means is that dopamine is able to transport more optimally throughout the brain. Sunshine has many benefits beyond improving dopamine communication pathways in the body. It boosts vitamin D levels that benefit immunity, bone and heart health. It supports the lymphatic system to create the 4th phase of water which flushes and keeps the lymphatic system hydrated and so much more. Here’s a video I did a few years ago outlining the amazing benefits of sunshine that we aren’t told everyday.

3. Get More Exercise:

Movement is one of the most valuable things you can do for dopamine levels. Simply moving with any form of exercise. Yoga, walking, running, swimming are all great. Many studies have now proven that movement and exercise creates a boost in dopamine. I know firsthand for this to be true. If I am too stagnant I start feeling lazy and demotivated. If I move and am active I begin to get more done around the house, get more work done and become a more productive human being in general. I highly recommend learning about how your shoes affect your posture by watching this video here if you plan to (or are) walking, running or on your feet a lot each day.

Additionally, there is now new research that shows that when people listen to music that gives them chills, it actually triggers a release of dopamine to the brain in the body! So whatever songs give you chills and move your spirit and soul, play those more and ignore the trending music of today.. because most of this new stuff is crap anyway!

Dopamine is an important neurotransmitter for the feelings of energy, motivation and drive. If you want to see more success and progress in your life you need to ensure not only that all of your neurotransmitters are healthy but that dopamine is boosted at an optimal level. You have the energy and drive to produce and create the life you desire by taking control of your neurochemistry and mindset.

P.S. I have found a product called Qualia Mind to be very valuable for my brain chemistry also. It supports acetylcholine signaling and the cholinergic system which regulates function of dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine signaling. All brain chemistry is connected and I find Qualia Mind to help me focus, stay dialed in and mentally balanced and grounded. Click here to try Qualia Mind and use the code ‘healthywildandfree’ for 15% off your order!

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