Healthy Wild Free - Everything You Need To Know About Taking Radiate Immunity

First, thank you so much for your purchase of Radiate Immunity! This is a heart driven passion project for me. Nothing makes me happier than seeing and hearing the response of people using radiate immunity and seeing the results.

I’ve heard everything from..

“My energy levels are higher” (multiple times)

“My nails and hair are growing faster”

“I never get sick on Radiate Immunity”

“It’s intense, but it shows that it works and I like that!”

And so much more.

Here’s everything you need to know about taking Radiate Immunity in a nutshell

  1. When is best to take Radiate Immunity?

    The best time to take radiate immunity is first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and at night on an empty stomach. Ideally on an empty stomach because it’s going to absorb and work better in your gut on an empty stomach. You can still take it with food, however, because of its potency and gut healing plants such as sangre de grado (the main ingredient) and empty stomach is a more effective time to take it and will give you the most benefit and impact.

  2. How often should I take Radiate Immunity?

    Daily is best. You can do 2 capsules daily. One in the morning and one at night, or you can do a higher dose if you want to see, feel and experience the benefits in a more powerful way. If you’re dealing with something in your respiratory system, a lot of stress and fatigue then 2 in the morning and 2 at night will give you more recovery and a better boost overall. Some people take 6 daily simply because of the collagen building benefits from Sangre De Grado and they see a noticeable difference in their skin tone and texture at a higher dose. It’s up to you, play around with it. Start with one or two a day and increase from there to see the affects it has on you.
  3. How do I take Radiate Immunity?

    You can take Radiate Immunity in two different ways.

    First, you can take 1-2 radiate immunity capsules and let them sit under your tongue. After about 1-2 minutes the capsule will begin to melt and you will taste the earthy, minty goodness within. This will then be absorbed under the tongue in what’s known as a sublingual way. Sublingual use is valuable because it gets right into your blood stream very quickly. This also allows you to taste the strength and potency of the product so I encourage everyone to try this at least once just to taste and sense the powerful value of this formula.

    Second, you can take it like a regular capsule. Simply swallow the capsule like any other pill.

  4. is Radiate Immunity safe for children?

    Yes, it is. Radiate immunity can be taken by children and adults alike. Children can benefit from 1 capsule once per day.
  5. How do I reorder Radiate Immunity?

    You can reorder Radiate Immunity by visiting We will have a Radiate Immunity monthly subscription (1, 2, 3 bottles) on a monthly subscription for you and your family at a discount off the regular price. Stay in touch with us on facebook, instagram and our email list at for updates on that.
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