Healthy Wild Free - Frequent Headaches? This is What You Need To Know For Relief

Frequent Headaches? This is What You Need To Know For Relief

Many people silently suffer from headaches and tension in their head. Not knowing the cause or possible solutions can leave you reaching for a pill. But this is only a short-term solution for a long-term problem if it is not addressed.

Headaches occur for very specific reasons and if the causes of the headache are not addressed they will continue. So instead of popping a pill each time you have a headache, focus on the causes behind the headache so that you won’t have to deal with it over and over again.

What Are The Top 3 Causes Of Headaches?

  1. Dehydration
  2. Liver Toxicity
  3. Lymphatic Stagnation

How Can You Remedy Headaches?


Hydration means not only drinking enough water but also drinking high quality water. Pure water. Tap water doesn’t hydrate that well. High quality water that is filtered, purified, distilled. I personally prefer Divinia Water or Coconut water when I am dehydrated and know it because these have been proven to rehydrate the body faster than water that contains components that interfere with hydration such as heavy metals, chlorine, chloramine etc.

It is also important to keep in mind that water is what hydrates but minerals are what create intracellular hydration. In other words, water that passes the cell membrane (the cell wall) needs minerals such as magnesium, potassium and others (click here to read about the 6 electrolytes needed for proper hydration) in order to permeate the cell with hydration.

Liver Toxicity:

Liver toxicity occurs when the liver is plugged and not draining properly. If the liver is not disposing of toxins in the body then recirculate in the body and create a challenge for the body in order to properly dispose of them. The Liver and Kidneys are crucial organs for drainage and need support in order for the body to filter properly.

Leafy greens, beets, lemons and other citrus fruits along with activated charcoal are all great foods and powders to be consistently on to support liver health.

Lymphatic Stagnation:

The Lymphatic system is comprised mainly of water and oxygen. The lymphatic system needs to be hydrated and oxygenated. If not, the lymphatic system becomes stagnant and inflammation can occur. A blocked and plugged up lymphatic system will cause headaches as well.

In order to keep the lymphatic system moving properly you need to be both properly hydrated and properly oxygenated. When hydrating, double down and go for a walk, get a short run in.. Get your heart rate up. Movement creates deep oxygenation and movement in the body for the lymphatic tissue.

Long story short, your headaches will not prevail if you are properly hydrated, oxygenated and your liver and lymphatic system are draining properly. Make sure to drink, breathe, move and break up the stagnation. A headache is truly a sign of stagnant hydration, stagnant oxygen, stagnancy in movement and the lack of movement needed to remove these things from the body that are causing the brain tension.

You don’t have to suffer with headaches for years, just continue to hydrate, oxygenate, take care of your liver and lymphatic system and your body will return to homeostasis.

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