Healthy Wild Free - How To Clean Your Colon (And Remove Toxic Fat)

How To Clean Your Colon (And Remove Toxic Fat)

Your colon is approximately 6 feet long and has the challenging job of removing salt, nutrients and electrolytes from partially dissolved food and continues to pass waste through to the bowels. It is important to maintain health of the Colon by including the nutritional and dietary needs for your colon to thrive and be healthy.

Watch This Video To Learn How To Clean Your Colon:


  1. Chia Seeds On Amazon Here (A great source of both soluble and insoluble fiber)
  2. Kombucha Town Kombucha On Amazon Here (Great probiotic rich drink!)
  3. Baobab Powder From Terrasoul on Amazon Here (Prebiotic Superfood)
  4. 6 Key Electrolytes For Hydration (Article click here)

It’s easy to get more fiber in. Just mix chia seeds with water and eat those as a snack. Drink more kombucha and include babab powder in your water and smoothies. Keep consistent with more fiber, prebiotics and probiotics in your diet. Your colon and bowel movements will thank you!

Another way to keep your colon cleaner is to poop in a primal posture. The body needs to be in a squatting position to empty as much fecal matter from the colon as possible. If it is not then the Colon can stay plugged up. Watch this video to learn more:

You can get a squatty potty (15% off) by clicking here.

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