Healthy Wild Free - How To Go From A Mouth To Nose Breather (And It’s Many Benefits)

How To Go From A Mouth To Nose Breather (And It’s Many Benefits)

Oxygen is the #1 nutrient for life and longevity and because of poor posture habits and unhealthy breathing patterns while awake and asleep our health suffers. Mouth breathing negatively affects our posture, the quality of oxygen we breathe and so much more.

Nose breathing on the other hand is beneficial for your eyesight, jaw and cheekbone, getting deeper restful sleep, having a better ratio of oxygen and carbon dioxide (co2) as well as supporting the parasympathetic nervous system. The spine also benefits. Blood pressure is also lower from nose breathing as well.

What most people don’t realize is that nose breathing actually creates nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is produced in the nostrils so nose breathing actually enhances circulation. Mouth breathing does not.

Here are a few other distinct differences between mouth and nose breathers:

How Can You Train Yourself To Breathe Through The Nose?

While awake it’s easier to breathe through your nose because you can consciously close your mouth and breathe through your nose. While sleeping however the autonomic nervous system takes over and its harder to breathe through your nose. Thankfully I have found two very effective and helpful solutions that I have shared with friends and family and have gotten nothing but positive feedback from them.

The first solution widens your nose to allow for more airflow. The second solution closes your mouth so that you’re forced to breathe through your nose. I recommend either one or both solutions below. Both solutions will take care of your breathing while sleeping so that you begin to retrain yourself and your breathing patterns which is a very important thing.

  1. Get Nasal Dilators For Sleeping:
    I got these silicone nasal dilators this year that widen your nose and create more airflow for your nose while sleeping. They’re cheap, for a pack of multiple of them. They widen your nose and allow you to breathe more easily through your nose. You can get them on amazon here.

  2. Tape Your Mouth Shut While Sleeping:
    You can actually tape your mouth shut while you’re sleeping also to ensure you don’t breathe through your mouth. Make sure to put the nasal dilator in and breathe through your nose before taping your mouth shut. This mouth tape paired with the nose dilator will force you to breathe through your nose and to receive the benefits above again. The best mouth tape on the market is a company called Somnifix. You can visit Somnifix here and begin breathing through your nose again clearly.

    If you use nasal dilators and mouth tape you’ll be back on track breathing properly in no time. You’ll notice a difference in your breathing patterns and your overall bodily function. Proper breathing means proper oxygenation and it’s totally worth it.

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