Healthy Wild Free - Why It is Vitally Important To “Eat The Rainbow” (Just Not Skittles)

Why It is Vitally Important To “Eat The Rainbow” (Just Not Skittles)

We’ve heard it before, “Eat The Rainbow” – But what does this really mean? Simply, to eat a colorful diet full of a rich profile of antioxidants.

Nutrition rich plants that we eat get their color from the way that the pigments within their cells interact with sunlight. Light is creating these colorful arrays, and we get to witness the beauty in these plants before our body benefits from them internally.

It is important that we eat a variety of these light pigments, otherwise known as antioxidants as they bring health, wellness, energy and vitality to our body.

Our body requires red, green, purple and orange pigments as each of these colors play an invaluable role in our body.

Big food has tainted our relationship with the colors of food. Ever since the invention of food dye, they’ve tricked our subconscious mind into thinking we’re getting antioxidants, but we’re not. Red, blue, or yellow food dye is a far cry from antioxidants that nature and the sun produce.

In fact, food dye has detrimental affects including hyperactivity, ADHD, even asthma, hives and tumor growth. It affects everything from the mind to the body and everything in between, in a negative way.

Plant pigments known as antioxidants on the other hand. “Natural colors” lets call them, have a beautiful array of benefits that uplift, encourage and energize the vitality of your body.

You want to be eating a variety of these antioxidants, including..

Red = Lycopene

An antioxidant that helps keep your heart healthy and protects against some cancers.

Orange/Yellow = Beta-Carotene

An antioxidant, when digested, is converted into vitamin A, which contributes to healthy eyes and a strong immune system. The spice turmeric is also an effective antioxidant which is the most research backed anti-inflammatory agent known to man.

Green = Chlorophyll (Arguably the most important)

An crucial antioxidant that works together with other vitamins and minerals to help the body protect itself against cancer. Green is a powerful blood building antioxidant as well. Green vegetables are also rich in Iron, being responsible for helping transport oxygen throughout the body through the blood. Oxygen is not only an ESSENTIAL element for health and wellbeing but it is the #1 nutrient for life, it’s the first nutrient we receive and the last nutrient we give back when we pass over.

When we look at our earth, the colors we see the most of are green and blue. Therefor we need a lot of green and blue in our diet to match our health with the health of nature. Green being from plants, blue being pure water and oxygen. We’ll talk more about green in the coming days.

Blue/Purple = Anthocyanin

An antioxidant that can help boost the immune system and reduce the risk of cancer. Foods such as grapes, eggplant, as well as beets. Beetroot powder gets its purple color from betalain pigments.

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