Healthy Wild Free - Shoes Affect Your Posture (Here’s What You Need To Know)

Shoes Affect Your Posture (Here’s What You Need To Know)

Years ago I worked at a shoe store. It was my first “real job” as an adult besides my paper route. At the time we didn’t learn anything about posture in regards to footwear. It was more about what the customer liked and how it looked on their feet.

Form over function, not function over form. It’s unfortunate because looking back now I realize how impactful footwear is on the flexibility, mobility and strength of the feet, ankles, legs and on up the spine. The type of footwear you choose is conducive to healthy posture or unhealthy posture.

This video explains a bit more:

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Now I wear Xero shoes because out of all the barefoot minimalist brands I have tried Xero shoes creates the shoes with the best posture function and biomechanics in mind. I also happen to really like their design and form, that follows the function. They are the most comfortable barefoot minimalist shoes that I personally own and hope that your next pair is a pair of Xero’s.

They are lightweight, flexible and there is no arch which causes you to rely on your ankle and foot strength (which develops in time) strengthening your feet and ankles.

The toe box in the front is wide enough so that your toes have room. They aren’t constricted and refined to a small space. This allows for stronger and more functional toes.

Your feet build stronger mobility, flexibility and strength wearing Xero shoes because it mimics barefoot walking so your feet do the work. I have heard that people have sore feet at first but that’s only because your feet are building muscle and flexibility again. Within less than a few weeks or a month tops your feet will form to be stronger and more functional.

Visit today to pickup a pair. We also have them in our store at along with other highly vetted and curated health products.

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