Healthy Wild Free - Sugar is as Addictive as Cocaine – Here Are 3 Natural Alternatives

Sugar is as Addictive as Cocaine – Here Are 3 Natural Alternatives

Who doesn’t love a good treat? A good sweet. That desert after dinner. It’s almost something we’ve been programmed to want. After a full and fulfilling dinner we may even ask “What’s next?” or “What’s for desert?” even though we’re full. Sugar has been found to be quite addictive however.

Our body needs sugar for specific reasons. The muscles need glucose to function. The body does.

However, sugar is an addictive drug that has been added to everything. Everyday foods that used to have 0 grams of sugar are now laced with sugar. We’re talking items like bread, ketchup and more. The sweetening of all foods has led to our taste buds collectively changing. We are seeking sweeter foods subconsciously.

How Sugar Impacts Health & Biology

  1. Raises Blood Pressure
  2. Increases Inflammation
  3. Negatively Influences Cholesterol
  4. Can Lead To Depression
  5. Creates Addictive Behavior
The brain of a cocaine user lights up similarly to a brain on sugar.

5 Sugar Alternatives:

There are alternatives to table sugar that are healthier and can still be a good sweetener.

  1. Raw Honey:

    Raw honey is rich in enzymes and acids. It is pure glucose for the liver which is what your body needs. The best time to take this is a spoonful of honey before sleep. This gives your liver the ability to process glucose while sleeping to repair the body. Honey really helps to benefit liver health. I notice that my body is more sculpted when I have honey more consistently as well. Search Amazon For Raw Honey Here.

  2. Stevia:

    Stevia is a sweetener that doesn’t influence blood sugar levels. It’s rich in chromium, an essential mineral for pancreas health. Stevia from a good source (such as Omica Organics here) is incredibly beneficial for blood sugar regulation, whereas sugar does the opposite of this. The nice thing about Omica Organics stevia is that they have vanilla, butterscotch and toffee flavored stevia. Great for teas, coffee, juices, smoothies, adding to water to make your own unique flavored drinks. They also have a Orange Sweet Blossom stevia, which is my personal favorite. It has a fruity and floral taste. Absolutely exceptional! Use the code VFDF7M for 10% off your order at

  3. Coconut Sugar:

    Coconut sugar is unique in that it is still sugar (unlike honey and stevia) but it has much more nutritional value than regular table sugar. It has healthy fats, inulin, a fiber that keeps the gut healthy and balances blood sugar levels. Coconut sugar also has a nice vitamin and mineral profile. Search Organic Coconut Sugar on Amazon Here.

  4. Date Sugar:

    Date is a sugar and B-vitamin rich ‘stone fruit’ that has a big pit in the middle. Stone fruits also include mangoes, olives and peaches. This date sugar at least has some great nutritional content. Date sugar on amazon here.

  5. Monk Fruit Powder:

    Monk fruit is a fruit that is nutrient rich and has been made into a sugar also. This sugar is also sometimes blended with organic stevia. Stevia is far sweeter and Monk fruit is a more mild sweetener with less aftertaste than stevia. Organic Monk Fruit powder on amazon here.

You can say no to sugar and say yes to more nutrient dense sweeteners or sugars such as raw honey, stevia and coconut sugar. These are a few of the easiest switches to make yet still give your sweet tooth what it wants!

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