Healthy Wild Free - Suma (Brazilian Ginseng) is a Beauty, Energy & Immune Powerhouse

Suma (Brazilian Ginseng) is a Beauty, Energy & Immune Powerhouse

Among healing plants of the tropics, Suma stands out as a “Swiss Army Knife” for all sorts of ailments, and a powerhouse adoptogenic herb that nourishes the adrenal glands and supports the strength and stability of the human physiology on a deep level.

Many who take it report that they simply cannot get enough, and become addicted to the feeling of robust health this exotic Amazonian herb imparts on several different organ and glandular systems of the body.

Suma is known by indigenous people of the Amazon as well as herbalists, shamans and natural healers as an adaptogenic healing tonic, capable of restoring strength, vitality, and normal function to several different organs.

Also sometimes known as “Brazilian ginseng,” Suma is actually not related to that famous plant.

It is, however, perhaps even more effective as a natural medicine, nourishing and fortifying your most vital organs against bacteria, toxins and mental stress while banishing all weakness in the body. The end result is a plant that is still being suppressed by Western medicine, despite evidence that it may help accelerate the healing process for diseases including cancer, diabetes, male sexual performance problems and other conditions.

When taken regularly, Suma has benefits for immunity, beauty, gut health and much, much more.

Suma Root for Beauty and Youthful Appearance

Because Suma is so beneficial in so many different ways, health and beauty conscious Brazilian residents have been known to consume it regularly throughout the course of the day.

Its adaptogenic properties are well known, allowing all who consume it to fight off stress on a day-to-day, hour-to-hour basis. Too much stress is one of the root causes of aging and disease, but those who take Suma report feeling nourished and relaxed, allowing them to avoid the traditional pitfalls that come with stress.

Suma is full of amino acids, electrolytes, minerals and the phytochemical “germanium,” which helps to oxygenate human cells, a precursor to more beautiful and radiant skin and enhanced breathing.

It is generally recommended by herbologists to take this herb diluted in water, as taking Suma in its liquid form is thought to enhance its benefits, similar to other herbs from the Amazon Rain Forest and other regions. Aside from its use for combating physical fatigue, Suma is also known to combat mental fatigue.

It’s often been said, but it bears repeating: our brains need extra support to better handle the type of low-grade chronic stressors that come with office and desk jobs. Suma is an adaptogen that helps to raise estrogen and testosterone levels. Women with healthier estrogen levels have more youthful looking skin. Suma supports our brain chemistry and physiology to help combat the number one type of stress that robs both men and women of their mental and physical health, natural beauty and vitality.

Suma Root for Gut Health

Aside from its beauty benefits, Suma Root helps to treat stress, which can be an important precursor to healing your gut from the inside-out.

Overall, it helps balance and nourish the healthy bacteria in your gut, and has been shown to be effective for healing inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. According to animal health studies, the root may help reduce gut damage and markers of inflammation, including, inflammation of the colon, as noted in a recent PubMed study.

Put it altogether and it’s easy to see why Suma is one of the most sought after natural medicines in Brazil, a longtime standby for healing the entire digestive symptom at the root level, as opposed to attempting to fix it unnaturally using over-the-counter medications or other potentially harmful means.

Perhaps the most exciting piece to the Suma Root puzzle for gut health is how it regulates the entire digestive system, without stimulating it in any way or inhibiting its function in any way.

While millions of people suffer needlessly from conditions like Crohn’s, IBS, leaky gut and similar diseases and disorders that many doctors have no answers for, one of the key steps toward solving the issue is to supplement with adaptogenic herbs like this one, as many natural health enthusiasts have learned first-hand.

Suma Root heals the body from head to toe in countless ways, and the gut health connection is just one pathway that benefits tremendously from its incomparable healing strength.

Suma Root for Immunity

Aside from the above benefits, Suma Root is one of the strongest herbal medicines out there for prepping your immune system to handle any sort of attack from a foreign invader, in large part because of its mineral rich nature.

If you’ve ever seen the actual root before, you probably know just Earthy and robust this stuff is — it’s packed full of iron, magnesium, zinc, specific B vitamins for nervous system health, Vitamins A, E, and K, as well as germanium, which has long been lauded for its ability to protect and support immune health. Put it all together and it’s easy to see why Suma Root is so highly sought after. The herb belongs on a list of the all-time greats, and once your body tries it and experience the feeling it provides it for the first time, it won’t no what to do without it.

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