Healthy Wild Free - The 3 Most Powerful Lymphatic Detoxification Routines

The 3 Most Powerful Lymphatic Detoxification Routines

The lymphatic system is also called the “second circulatory system” in the body simply because it flows throughout the body just like the blood does, but it does not have the heart to pump it through. The Lymphatic system takes work to move, detoxify and drain.

What most people don’t realize is that the lymphatic system is actually a part of the immune system. The lymphatic system is the immune system that extends throughout the body. The lymphatic system produces white blood cells (Lymphocytes) along with other immune cells that destroy foreign invaders. Lymphatic health is something I’ve talked about multiple times over the years through different perspectives. Today you’ll learn what are the key elements to optimize and bring more movement back into your lymphatic system so it can move out the bad, and bring in the good for your body.

3 Big Lymphatic Threats:

  1. Infections: Infections weaken the immune system and create a weakening effect on the lymphatic system as well. A strong immunity lends itself to a healthier lymphatic system, and vice versa. Make sure to get probiotics, vitamin C & D, and plenty of immunomodulating foods and plants in your diet.
  2. Radiation: Radiation treatments actually harm the lymphatic system. Radiation causes scar tissue which narrows the flow of lymphatic vessels and fluids. High level radiation has been proven to damage the lymphatic system, but I wouldn’t take radiation from cell phones, tablets or “smart” tech products any less dangerous. Prolonged exposure to radiation creates an overload of positive ions in the body, bunched up. This leads to restricted blood and lymphatic flow, inflammation and more.
  3. Stagnancy: We must remember that stagnancy in any form is death. Dehydration causes stagnancy, lack of movement/exercise causes stagnancy. Low oxygen levels in the body causes stagnancy. Anything that uplifts the body in it’s ability to move and flow, helps to reduce stagnancy and improve lymphatic health!

How To Stimulate Lymphatic Drainage

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Important takeaways…

  1. Hydration —> Get and stay hydrated!
  2. Movement —-> Move your body daily!
  3. Breathe Pure Oxygen —–> Breathe fresh air from outside, and pay attention to indoor air quality!

The Most Valuable Lymphatic Drainage technique is?

How fun is this? laughter applies negative pressure to the thoracic duct which opens it 10-15x larger. This allows your lymphatic system to detoxify at a much faster rate. Laughter is quite literally the fastest and most effective way to detoxify your lymphatic system. Remember..

Years later, in 2019 I spoke on the importance of not only detoxifying but draining the lymphatic system fully.

How Your Lymphatic System Directly Influences Your Health:

Lymphatic Improvement Benefits Your Body in The Following Ways:

Your EFA (essential fatty acid) transport system is improved. When EFA’s can be better absorbed by the body your physical performance (physique), mental health, and disease prevention systems are more active. You’re a stronger more robust human when EFA’s transport more robustly in the body.

Your white blood cell transport system is improved. This allows for your body to be stronger in fighting any foreign invader, pathogen or infection. Less sick days, more fun days!

A healthy lymphatic system maintains fluid levels in the body. Being dehydrated and not maintaining proper fluid levels directly correlates with not having a healthy and robust, flexible metabolism. It also influences your brain and ability to focus and think. The #1 cause of headaches is dehydration. You may be drinking water all day but if your lymphatic system is not working properly the fluid will not be retained.

Ensure the health of your lymphatic system with proper hydration, good breathing practices, movement and of course a life full of laughter and joy!

A good laugh does the mind, body, soul and lymphatic system good.

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