Healthy Wild Free - The Health Benefits of Mint for Immunity, Lymphatic System, Stress and Beauty

The Health Benefits of Mint for Immunity, Lymphatic System, Stress and Beauty

One of the most humble and common herbs of all, mint is often overlooked despite its myriad health
benefits, which have earned it a place among both culinary experts and herbal medicine practitioners.
In various Mediterranean cultures for example, mint leaves are often provided as a digestive aid at the end of meals. Simply chewing on their leaves after a meal helps to aid in digestion by unlocking enzymes that break down our food more efficiently.

Among herbalists, mint leaves, especially peppermint, are used in herbal teas that support digestion,
provide a cooling and energizing effect, and help to cleanse the palette.These are just a few of the more well known properties of mint, which can be highly useful in supporting a healthy immune system, and keeping your body protected from hostile invaders by bringing your overall being into an invigorated yet calm state of homeostasis.

Mint for Stress Relief of the Digestive System

While mint is famously known as energizing and uplifting, it also has a soothing, calming effect on many people because of a wide variety of stress-relieving compounds found within the plant
Peppermint soothes the body from the inside-out, allowing for better absorption of nutrients and
beneficial properties found in food and natural medicines.

According to the GI Society, the menthol contained in peppermint has a relaxing effect on the intestinal
smooth muscle, which allows for healthy contractions and, subsequently, improved digestion. When your body is able to digest food more efficiently, it also has the ability to absorb its nutrients much better as well. Additionally, this anti-spasmodic effect helps to relieve pain and stress in people suffering from digestive issues like IBS.

It becomes even more potent when taken with other relaxing and cleansing herbs. Put it all together and you have a natural healing agent that can pave the way for more efficient delivery of additional nutrients, making it the perfect addition to a wide-ranging herbal supplement routine.

Mint for Beautiful and Radiant Skin

As noted above mint aids digestion in several different ways, which can also help keep your skin more “clean” from the inside-out. Well known as an acne-cleansing herb, mint has a cooling, astringent and antimicrobial effect that can cleanse the pores and skin, whether taken internally or topically.

According to a review of peppermint oil published in the journal Evidence-Based Complementary and
Alternative Medicine, peppermint has the ability to reduce all manner of blemishes and red spots ranging from blackheads to scabies, inflammation, chicken pox, scabies and more.

It’s just another reason why mint should not be overlooked as part of any natural healing, cleansing and beautification regimen.

Mint for the Lymphatic System

Because of its ability to provide anti-microbial and anti-viral properties, mint can assist in helping the
lymphatic system to cleanse your body from any foreign invaders. Combined with enough movement and hydration, it can help cleanse the body in a pronounced and rapid manner, especially in concert with other herbs and healing natural substances. When taken internally, mint can provide your lymphatic system with more raw materials ensure your lymphatic system is running effectively.

Mint for Boosting Natural Immunity

As mentioned above, mint has anti-microbial and anti-viral properties, as uncovered in research published by the USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University.

Two to three drops is generally enough to put peppermint’s antiviral qualities, especially when consumed internally.

However, it is important to note that mint is not quite as useful against harmful bacteria and viruses as
more active and potent natural substances like garlic, sangre grado, cat’s claw, and similar herbs. It has shown promise against certain strains of antibiotic resistant Staphylococcus aureus bacteria
according to a report from, as well as candida, a potentially harmful type of fungus that
can cause infections in people.

Mint also has potent antioxidant properties, shows anti-tumor potential in lab studies, is anti-allergenic, and can help stop nausea in its tracks, a major benefit for anyone who suffers from the condition during bouts of cold or flu.

Overall, mint works best as a supporting, healing agent that can soothe, cool, and calm your system,
making it an excellent addition to any herbal cleansing routine and a perfect complementary herb for
immune-boosting tinctures and formulas.

If you can’t grow it in your garden or add it fresh to your cooking and salads, you can also find mint in
supplement form, which allows you to continue to pile on the benefits with each passing day. We decided to include mint in our blend of 18 botanical extracts and oils. Radiate Immunity is a blend for immune health, lymphatic and lung health, and lastly, beauty! It is one of the few liquid capsules on the market that has a wide range of nutritional components from Amazonian medicine, Ayurveda, Chinese medicine and Native American medicine. Visit to learn more!

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