Healthy Wild Free - The Top 3 Ways To Protect Against Radiation & EMF’s

We live in a world that is full of radiation and electro-magnetic frequencies, otherwise known as EMF’s. This electrical stress causes our body to be sore, ache and breakdown faster. EMF’s and radiation can cause many health symptoms and conditions that we may not be able to directly tie them back to.

Headaches, irregular sleep patterns, aches and pains. Tension in the body. Just to name a few. 

Radiation and EMF’s aren’t a simple matrix to untangle either. As technology advances more electronic devices are created to be “smart devices” meaning that they emit radiation/EMF’s to connect to wifi, bluetooth, or a 5G cell phone tower. 

As we navigate the EMF matrix, it is important to keep in mind the pathways that radiation and electro-magnetic frequencies utilize to harm our biology. 

How Radiation & EMF’s Damage Biology: 

  1. Inflammation: It has been noted and thoroughly proven that radiation and electro-magnetic frequencies damage the body by causing an inflammatory response. We know through a large body of scientific research that a body in a constant state of inflammation is closer to disease, sickness and a variety of ailments.
  2. Oxidative Stress: Radiation and EMF’s have shown to increase the oxidative stress load on the body. Oxidative stress has a negative effect by damaging cells and even the DNA of the body. You can counteract this by increasing the amount of antioxidants in your diet and life.
  3. Positive Ion Overload: Electronic devices, fluorescent lights, machines, phones, tablets, computers and many other man-made machines generate what are known as positive ions. Positive Ions essentially attach to you body and cause stress, inflammation, oxidative stress, headaches and much more. You can counteract this by getting negative ions in your environment.

How To Counteract The Negative Effects Of Radiation & EMF’s:

There’s no doubt that our world is full of radiation and EMF’s. I’m typing on a device that generates positive ions, stress and inflammation. Next to me is my cell phone (on airplane mode) but still emitting biologically harmful radiation.

Thankfully there are ways to combat radiation and EMF’s. Some solutions are temporary and need to be restored, while others can be more sustainable and can be built into your life as more of a defense mechanism. 

First, it’s important to understand what environments and devices generate the most radiation, EMF’s and positive ions. 

We are surrounded by radiation. Radiation is emitted by any electrical devices, even the “healthy” ones that are therapeutic, believe it or not. The devices that emit the most radiation and electro-magnetic frequencies are devices that not only have an electrical power source as a base, but also emit waves of some kind. Be it 4G/5G, Wifi, Bluetooth, Location enabled etc. Any electronic item that emits waves or communicates with other devices emits the most radiation. So keep that in mind. Microwaves should also be added to this list. 

These are known as “smart devices” in our environment. The less smart devices you have, the smarter your environment is optimized for reducing electromagnetic stress on the body. 

Additionally, anything that plugs into a wall outlet creates radiation or EMF’s in one way or another. 

Use less electricity, less smart devices, and your biology is better off. That’s the first step. 

The second step is to create protective barriers in your life that benefit your body by shielding radiation and EMF’s. There are ways to do this externally (in your environment) as well as internal radiation protection that we will get into. 

Here Are My Top 3 Radiation Reduction Recommendations:

1. Faraday Bag For Your Phone: Faraday cages are designed with silver in a manner that traps and contains positive ions. The brand Go Dark (click here to visit) creates Faraday bags that completely shield from EMF’s and radiation. So much so in fact that the phone will not connect to cell towers or wifi while in the case. This case is used when you are not using the phone. During the day, and especially during sleep. 

2. Safesleeve Cell Phone Case: A Radiation Repelling Cell Phone Case. 

I love cell phone cases from safe sleeve because they repel radiation away from your body while using the phone. The front flap of the phone is a case that protects from radiation and EMF’s. It’s made from a military grade material and also prevents chip readers from getting your credit card information. You can visit save sleeve cases by clicking here.  

3. Molecular Hydrogen Tablets Provide Antioxidant Support.

Documented by, molecular hydrogen is an effective internal protocol to protect against the biologically damaging effects of ionizing radiation (IR). It does so by combating the oxidative stress and inflammatory effects of radiation by being an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Hydrogen is an essential element needed for health, so supplementing with it (esp during times of high radiation exposure) is smart to keep your body tuned and optimized. 

Click here to get a bottle of molecular hydrogen tablets. 

Beyond these three recommendations you can immerse yourself in negative ions more frequently, which the video below explains. You can also utilize faraday cages over your smart meter and wifi router, as shared in the video at the end of this page.

How To Immerse Yourself in Negative Ions:  

You can also put “Smart Meter Guards” which are known as “Faraday Cages” around your WIFI router and Smart Meter. This video explains that…

You can get a Wifi or Smart Meter Guard faraday cage by clicking here.

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