Healthy Wild Free - The Two Hidden Immune Factors Nobody Including ‘Health Gurus’ and Doctors Talk About

The Two Hidden Immune Factors Nobody Including ‘Health Gurus’ and Doctors Talk About

The immune system is your natural defense mechanism built into our body and it is incredibly versatile, strong and vigilant. If compromised, attacked or confused however it can become very sensitive, reactive and ineffective at fighting off pathogens, foreign invaders and anything that may be in the vicinity of endangering your health.

Your immune system is built up and torn down each day with both our own personal actions as well as the environment that we live, work and play in. Our internal biology we have control over. This will be the main focus of our discussion here today. However, it is very important to keep in mind that our environment such as home and office to some degree we have control over also.

If we recognize what we can control and improve in our environment, we can bolster immunity and ensure these environments support us in conditioning immune resilience as opposed to being places we’re prone to being attacked. We’ll discuss ideas as to how to optimize and make your environment more ‘immune’ in future articles, and videos on here and in social media. So stay tuned!

Today’s topic of discussion however is your internal biology. You take your internal biology and your immune system with you wherever you go. The more understanding, knowledge and application of that knowledge you have the better off you are.

Where Most Doctors & Health Professionals Get Immunity Wrong..

While this is true, it is also misleading..

You may have heard this before, and it is true. The majority of medical professionals will agree that 70-80% of the immune system is located in the gut. While the gut is important, and gut health plays a large role in the health of the immune system, why is it that the other 20-30% of the immune system is dismissed or essentially ignored?

Obviously, gut health is tremendously important. I am in 100% agreement with the doctors, medical professionals and health experts that align with this idea. I am in no way opposing addressing gut health, it needs to be addressed also.

Before we get into the missing links of the immune system we have to address what may be creating an immunocompromised state I’d like to share a principle with you that is going to help you understand why the missing 20-30% of immune links are more important than the 20-30% you see on paper.

Applying The Pareto Principle To Health

There is a principle known as the pareto principle, also known as the 80/20 rule that is worth exploring. What it states is that 20% of an input into something is what actually creates 80% of the results. In other words, 80% of the results in something comes from 20% of the effort engaged with it. It seems unconventional and hart to believe at first, but it’s true more often than we realize. Here’s a visual representation of this idea that may make it easier to digest and understand..

On the left imagine 80% of your immune system and effort goes into gut health. It’s good, it’s important. But what if it only improves your immunity by 20%? And what if the 20% effort you’ve been ignoring (beyond the gut) is actually what will turn the switch ON for 80% (the majority) of your immune system?

This graph may be a bit confusing at first. But just look at the circle as 100% of the pie. 100% of the immune system in this case. 80% is the health of the gut, and the gut lining on the left pie. This is vitally important, but if the 20% that is missing is a key for your immune system to truly heal, restore and flip the switch then you’re missing out on the 80% STRENGTH of your own immune system that has it’s switch flipped off still.

The 20-30% missing links in regards to the immune system could very well be what..

1. Keeps your allergies flaring up all too often

2. Keeps your nose stuffy and full of mucous

3. Keeps that persistent cough coming back

4. Causes you to feel that itch in your throat and that leads nowhere good..

Today we’re focused on the 20-30% of immunity that is outside of the gut that can determine and dictate the health of your entire immune system, which runs throughout your entire body as well as the gut itself. If this goes overlooked these persistent conditions that are signs of a weakened immune state will continue to persist.

But today, with this understanding that can forever change!

The Missing Immune Links That Often Go Ignored

I’m actually quite excited to share these systems of the body with you. This has been something I have been reading, researching, learning about and applying in my own health for years and I feel I have so much value to share here. There are 3-key areas that influence immunity outside of the gut that when understood can quite literally change your immune strength, and health for life.

1. Your Lungs Are The 1st Line Of Immune Defense

The lungs are quite literally the first line of immune defense. Both viruses and bacteria can travel airborne and be inhaled right into the lungs. The lungs are a breeding ground for these infections to take hold in the body. Think about it, that cough and mucous, stuffy nose. What is it all tied too?

The lungs and breathing pathway in general!!

At any given moment with each breath of air you’re breathing in viruses, bacteria and germs whether you’re wearing a mask or not. These pathogens are being physically inhaled into the lungs and as the 1st line of defense it is the job of your lungs to handle these pathogens. If your lungs and oxygen pathways are not healthy, these pathogens will take hold and lead to the flu, coughing, mucus build-up and more.

You’re not going to be able to escape viruses, germs and bacteria from entering your nose or mouth. Ever. It’s quite literally not possible. Whether you cover your face or not. Bacteria and viruses are airborne.

If you breathe oxygen, you will inhale viruses and bacteria. It’s that simple.

In each cubic meter of air, there are between 1.6 million and 40 million viruses. – National Geographic

This is not something you can dance around, breathe out of one nostril and not the other and avoid. It’s a simple fact of life. Your lungs are going to be exposed to bacteria, viruses and germs and that’s okay.

The question is what do we do about that?

That’s a lot to unpack! There are a lot of herbs, tools and practices that are used to improve lung health. What’s important to understand is that there is a set of rules that apply to the body and specific areas of the body (including the gut, and lungs) that need to be followed. If they are not followed these specific areas become compromised and are more likely to be a weak point for the immune system to be attacked.

The Lungs & Lung Immunity Requires

  1. pH Balance: Just like any other organ in the body the lungs have a pH balance and need to be between 7.38 and 7.42. Anything above or below that will compromise the lung immune cells in handling inhaled pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and germs.
  2. Biome of Lungs: Something rarely talked about and something I will continue to shout from the rooftops until I am heard. The lungs (just like your gut) require a healthy biome (bacteria) balance as well. They need good bacteria to fight the bad bacteria that are inhaled. What if your gut biome is doing good but your lung biome is a bit off? That’s possible.
  3. Breathing Quality: The posture and mechanics of breathing along with the quality of oxygen have to do with the quality of oxygen your body gets. This is very simple. You want to breathe through your nose. Noses are for breathing, and mouths are for eating. The nose hairs act as ‘natural air filters’ that don’t allow particles to get into your lungs. It also humidifies the oxygen to be more readily available faster. Additionally, when breathing through your nostrils the body produces a molecule known as nitric oxide which improves circulation. A win all the way around. As far as oxygen quality is concerned the most important thing is to avoid ALL chemicals. Cleaning chemicals, perfumes, and chemicals of any kind. These disrupt the pH and biome of the lungs. Keep your oxygen environment pure and clean!

If the pH balance and biome of the lungs are incredibly important to lung health and the immune response of the lungs what can we do about it?

There are specific herbs and plants that have been found to help to balance the biome of the lungs and balance the pH. These can be utilized.

  1. Sangre De Grado (Beneficial in keeping lung infections at bay)
  2. Lemongrass (Supports the body in it’s ability to utilize hemoglobin to transport oxygen from the lungs to the blood)
  3. Mint (Reduces inflammation and opens the lungs and breathing pathways)

2. Your Stress: The Undiscussed Immune Killer

Stress has become normalized in the west. So normalized in fact that many people when asked ‘are you stressed’ will respond that they are not stressed. Yet we live in a chronically stressed society and many have embraced stress as normal. Ideas, even subconscious like ‘you need to be stressed in order to be successful’ have become commonplace. People become even more INVESTED into their stress in order to achieve more success in the material world.

Family, job, work life, traffic, the volatile political climate, isolation, fear, the list goes on and on and on. Since the CV virus of 2019 stress has skyrocketed in our country. One needs to look no further than the rise in suicide rates, alcoholism and drug addiction. There’s a reason that in 2022 these are at all time highs. STRESS is also at an all time high!

Guess what stress does? Compromises the response of the immune system.

The American Psychological Association shares that long-term stress weakens the responses of your immune system. “That’s because stress decreases the body’s lymphocytes, the white blood cells that help fight off infection.

Lymphocytes are immune cells that are located in the blood and lymph fluid in the body. They travel throughout the entire body fighting foreign invaders. Think they’re important? They most definitely are.

Don’t get caught in the trap that you need ‘long-term stress’ to have a downward spiral affect on your immune system. Other reports indicate that just 5 minutes of anger (a form of stress) reduces the response of the immune system for 5 HOURS!

In yet another study, The University of Harvard scientists found that in healthy people, simply recalling an angry experience from their past caused a six-hour dip in levels of the antibody immunoglobulin A, the cells’ first line of defense against infection.

What can be derived from these studies?

Those who are not emotionally immune are not physically immune either.

In other words, stress, an unforeseen factor that cannot be placed in a physical geographic location in the body influences the response of the immune system in a large way in both short and long-term cases.

What is utilized for stress best?

There are three solutions to stress that can subside it from all angles. These are universally beneficial no matter where you live.

  1. Minerals
  2. Antioxidants
  3. Adaptogens

Minerals such as magnesium are crucial for the body in it’s ability to deal with stress. Stress burns magnesium faster than any other mineral. Therefore, getting plenty of magnesium in your diet is important. We carry a Magnesium Chloride spray (the most bioavailable form) in our store at With a discount code.

Antioxidants are what help to combat the oxidative affects of stress. Oxidative stress leads to chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation also uses minerals like magnesium at a faster rate. By including antioxidants in your diet such as Sangre De Grado, Oregano and Clove which are three of the highest rated ORAC antioxidants in Radiate Immunity found in the world. You’re giving your body the antioxidant power to combat the oxidation and chronic inflammation.

Chronic inflammation is not only going to compromise the immune system but lead to many other health ailments such as arthritis, constricted arteries and more. This is why the Radiate Immunity formula is such a powerhouse. It contains all three of the necessary components to combat stress from all angles.

Minerals from plants, antioxidants from the highest rated ORAC antioxidant in the world, Sangre De Grado. And adaptogens like Suma, chrysanthemum flower and Ashwagandha.

Suma and Ashwagandha are powerful adaptogens that help the body to deal with stress and adapt through it.

Learn More About How Radiate Immunity Protects Your Lungs, Stress Response Systems & Full Immunity Here:

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