Healthy Wild Free - The Unseen Vitamin D And Lymphatic Connection

The Unseen Vitamin D And Lymphatic Connection

Often times there are connections between nutrients and systems in the body that go completely unseen. It is estimated that 40% of the population is deficient in vitamin d3, but honestly I think that estimate is quite low however. Typically these nutritional deficiencies are low online simply because they change the number over time.

Even health conditions such as obesity are different over time. What is “thin” now was obese just 30 years ago. So when you hear stats for mineral and nutritional deficiencies, take those numbers with a grain of salt.

The Importance of Vitamin D in Lymphatic Health

Vitamin D is incredibly important for many things in the body such as bone health, heart health, calcium absorption, muscle health and of course immunity. Immunity in particular benefits from vitamin D3 in T-cell production.

Vitamin D3 has been found to help to release T-cells that do 2 key things for the lymphatic system.

  1. Boost T Cells in skin draining lymph nodes to allow toxins to be released from the lymph nodes more efficiently
  2. Reduce Dermal (skin) inflammation caused by a plugged up lymphatic system.

Vitamin D pairs with calcium and vitamin B5 which also aid the body’s ability to excrete lymphatic fluids from the lymph nodes. Different spas offer lymphatic drainage treatments, aiding in circulation and the reduction of water retention. These also help to reduce cellulite and benefit fat loss in the body.

(Sunshine) Vitamin D3 Produces The 4th Phase Of Water:

Beyond the body utilizes T-Cells to drain lymph nodes and reducing dermal inflammation caused by a plugged up immune system the sunshine (not necessarily vitamin d3 ) but sunshine itself helps the body to create the 4th phase of water.

The 4th phase of water is beyond water (liquid, gas, solid) there’s a 4th phase of water that is thick and somewhere in between liquid and solid in a honey-like state that is called (EZ) exclusion water, or the 4th phase of water. Molecularly EZ water is structured as H302. It has one added hydrogen atom and one added oxygen atom. It quite literally just has more hydrogen and more oxygen than regular h20 water.

This phase of water is what the body’s cells use and is needed by the lymphatic system thrives on. EZ water is electrically charged and this electrically charged phase of water flows into and out of the lymphatic system more easily. The body converts regular H20 water into H302 with sunlight light exposure. The more sunlight you get the more your body can produce EZ water which benefits the lymphatic and cellular system in it’s entirety.

Vitamin D Supports Macrophage Production

Macrophages are defined as specialized cells involved in the detection, phagocytosis and destruction of bacteria and other harmful organisms. In addition, they can also present antigens to T cells and initiate inflammation by releasing molecules (known as cytokines) that activate other cells.

Essentially macrophages are special cells that detect and destruct bacteria and other harmful things.

Vitamin D allows macrophages to respond more effectively as well as to regulate cytokine cells more fluently. Cytokines are cells that communicate with immune cells to act in the appropriate manner, taking care of issues that plague the immune system.

Vitamin D3 (sunshine as a great source) benefits the Immune response – T-Cell production of the body, the macrophages that help the lymphatic system respond to threats as well as creating a lymphatic system that drains lymphatic toxins in a more readily available way because it has been properly hydrated through EZ water. The 4th phase of water.

This vitamin D connection to lymphatic health is closer than we once thought. To sum things up your vitamin D levels dictate how T-Cells, Macrophages and cytokines travel throughout the lymphatic system as immune messengers. The lymphatic system also becomes better hydrated and better at excreting impurities when properly hydrated through EZ water that is generated by sunshine exposure. Sunshine is the easiest and cheapest way to increase Vitamin D production the body. Organic mushrooms and certain organic meats are also rich sources of Vitamin D to elevate blood levels of vitamin D quickly.

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