Healthy Wild Free - This Amazonian Tree Sap is Great For Skin, Immunity and Gut Health

This Amazonian Tree Sap is Great For Skin, Immunity and Gut Health

As holistic health continues to become more mainstream, people are increasingly looking for natural solutions to their problems, rather than drugs, chemicals, and similar products.

One of the most overlooked regions in terms of natural health solutions is the Amazon Rainforest, a place where over one-third of all tropical trees exist on Earth, a place that has often been called the “Lungs of the Planet.”

Hidden among the vast jungle canopies, rivers and streams is a type of tree whose medicinal properties have long been hidden from the national public.

While this particular tree isn’t a natural spring like the “Fountain of Youth,” it does possess similar properties when it comes to boosting the health, wellness, and beauty of all who consume it regularly.

Traditionally used for patching up and repairing wounds, this tree is so valuable that pharmaceutical companies have tried, unsuccessfully, for decades to extract it, synthesize it and patent it.

What is this particular tree, and why is it so important for skin, immunity and gut health?

Let’s explore further, as we delve head-first into the remarkable health benefits of Sangre de Grado, one of the most prized treasures the Amazon Rainforest has ever produced.

Sangre de Grado for Gut Health

As mentioned earlier the plant in question, Sangre de Grado, is excellent for healing wounds of all types.

That’s because it contains a vibrant red tree sap that can be used to seal up just about anything relating to the skin. Why is is important as to how it pertains to gut health, you might ask?

One of the best properties of Sange de Grado is that it is capable of patching up holes in the stomach lining, a quality that can prevent and rapidly improve leaky gut and the associated digestive disorders that prevent your body from absorbing nutrients.

Sangre de Grado for Skin

Sangre de Grado is commonly used in South American regions, where native populations are known for living long, healthy lives and maintaining their beauty and vitality until an old age.

For these and other reasons, Sangre de Grado has been dubbed “Nature’s Answer to Botox,” with the added benefit of leaving the skin soft, supple, and pliable as opposed to rigid and tight.

Unlike most supplements that contain collagen to be added and absorbed from the outside, Sangre de Grado works with your body’s natural chemistry, allowing it to produce collagen the same way it did when you were younger, in many cases.

According to Dr. Mark Iwanicki, Sangre de Grado blows other superfoods and herbs out of the water when it comes to ORAC score, which is used to measure antioxidant activity for skin protection and healing from free radical damage: It scores roughly Three Million on the ORAC Scale compared to 314,000 for cloves and 102,000 for the acai berry.

This highly active compound goes to work at the source of skin problems, protecting, repairing and nourishing the skin in ways that other lesser compounds simply cannot.

As pharmaceutical companies work feverishly to modify and steal its healing and beauty benefits, a small community of natural health seekers has quietly made Sangre de Grado one of the hottest beauty secrets in modern history.

In fact, its antioxidant value exceed every other fruit, spice, tree, plant, and food in existence.

Sangre de Grado for Immunity

As mentioned earlier, this is where Sange de Grado shines the most.

The red tree sap of this plant forms a protective barrier around everything from wounds to damaged skin, going to work at the root of the problem while destroying and healing your cells from all forms of invaders or “bad bugs” like viruses and nasty bacteria.

Sangre de Grado bestows immunity on all who use it, especially when taken preventatively.

Scientifically speaking, it comes from the Croton Lechleri tree, which grows up to 65 feet tall, especially in southwest Amazon Rainforest locations where it is typically found.

These trees function as a healing “lighthouse” of the jungle, where creatures of all kinds including humans go to repair and heal their wounds.

According to, various parts of the plant are used to make medicine, although Sangre de Grado based medications are not widely available.

The website states that Sangre de Grado is used for healing or protecting those who consume it from:

-Diarrhea associated with cholera


-Side effects of antibiotics

-Viral respiratory infections


And many more.

In this case, you have to go to the source to harness its healing benefits, the exact way nature intended.

One of the most interesting things about sangre de grado is that it is 90% proanthocyanidins. Proanthocyanidins are polyphenols produced by plants. Grapes, grape seeds and blueberries are other examples of foods containing proanthocyanidins. None of them come close to this sap which is 90% of it’s weight comprised of proanthocyanidins, which is truly unheard of.

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