Healthy Wild Free - This Little Known Molecule is Essential For Optimal Artery & Heart Health

This Little Known Molecule is Essential For Optimal Artery & Heart Health

In the United States the #1 cause of death is heart disease, followed then by cancer and lastly Iatrogenic error. Can you guess what Iatrogenic error is? Medical error. In other words, your two biggest concerns for death as far as health is concerned is taking care of your heart, first. Understanding what feeds cancer cells and tumor growth, second. If you can understand these two things alone and treat your body right, you can live a long, healthy, full life.

Also, just avoid medical centers, hospitals and all that to the best of your ability. That’s smart too!

Today we are going to be diving into a specific molecule that isn’t talked about enough in dietary and holistic education circles. That is heart health but more specifically a molecule known as nitric oxide.

What is Nitric Oxide?

Nitric oxide is a gaseous molecule that is molecularly NO (Nitric oxide) and this is simply one nitrogen and one oxygen atom. Nitrix oxide is nitrogen and oxygen. It’s very simple. This molecule is produced when specific nutrients and foods are consumed.

Low levels of nitric oxide are linked to diabetes, neurodegenerative disease and heart failure.

Nitric Oxide Levels As We Age

Nitric oxide levels change as we age.

At 20 years old Nitric oxide levels are at 100%, in our 30’s and 40’s we lose a large amount. In the 30’s and 40’s would be an ideal time to begin creating a healthy routine to boost nitric oxide levels. Unfortunately, if you’re in your late 40’s or 50’s. Your nitric oxide levels are stuck for life. Just kidding!

I wish I could see your face right now. Hopefully you got a little belly laugh in there, because laughter boosts nitric oxide levels!

What Does Nitric Oxide Do?

Nitric oxide is responsible for enhancing circulation and blood flow. Specifically it does this by relaxing blood vessels, making them more fluid. Specifically nitric oxide works to keep the walls of the arteries open and flowing. It enhances the microcirculatory system, allowing blood and all nutrients in blood to reach the hard to reach places in the body. In fact, the drug viagra works on the nitric oxide pathway. Unfortunately viagra has many side effects that lead to premature death including heart attack! It is not a sustainable way to boost nitric oxide levels.

Places such as the tips of your fingers and toes, crossing the blood brain barrier. Reaching areas that may be damaged, injured or have built up scar tissue or calcification. Nitric oxide acts as a fuel for your blood to keep it moving in a healthy manner.

The Effects Of Low Nitric Oxide on The Arteries:

As you can see above a high level of nitric oxide keeps the arteries thin and fluid. At the 50% level the low amount of low nitric oxide allows for inflammation and plaque buildup to set in which narrows the walls of the arteries. The lower the nitric oxide levels go the more dangerous it becomes.

Nitric oxide isn’t just a nice ‘nutrient’ to have. It’s an essential molecule that we are required to have in order to live. With dangerously low levels we’re talking heart disease, heart attack, stroke.

Beyond the arteries and veins, and the blood flow in these areas nitric oxide actually plays a pivotal role in the lymph node cells, immune cells, cellular apoptosis (programmed cell death), and the health of the skin.

Additional Benefits Of Healthy Nitric Oxide Levels:

Nitric oxide is so important I began speaking on it 7 years ago and since then I have noticed the difference in my life by including a nitric oxide supplement in my life. That old video (excuse my limited presentation skills as this was 7 years ago!) is here:

How Do You Boost Nitric Oxide Levels? (Click Here)

  • Eat more leafy greens
  • Eat beets, pomegranate (red fruits & veggies)
  • Eat cacao (dark chocolate)
  • Get sunshine! (The sun releases nitric oxide in the body)
  • Get exercise (Releases NO from endothelial cells)
  • Laugh more often! (Laughter releases NO from the hypothalamus in the brain)

    Nitric oxide is something that we can incorporate and build into our lives. To regenerate itself. Some friends of mine are doing a webinar on nitric oxide, artery and heart health later this week. These researchers and health scientists are fascinating to listen to and learn from. I’m excited to see it! Go here and sign up for the Cardio Miracle webinar. You’ll enjoy it!

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