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Up To 84% Of Fat Loss Comes From Breathing

Breathe the fat away. Sounds easy right? If only it were this easy. In some sense it is. In another sense, it’s quite the challenge.

What most people don’t know is that up to 84% of fat loss comes from exhaling carbon dioxide through the breath. The truth is that when we lose fat it is mostly converted into carbon dioxide and water, with the majority of it being lost through the breath, by simply exhaling.

The rest of the fat (16% of so) is expelled from the body via the water channels. Urine and sweat, and perhaps a few bucket loads of tears.

This could lead us to ask many questions, but one in particular. If we lose so much fat from breathing then why don’t we focus more on this than anything? That way we can lose fat faster. It makes sense to me, yet proper breathing and breathwork is rarely discussed by “fat loss experts” unfortunately.

It’s interesting also, because friends of mine or people that I have interacted with over the years that have extra fat or are obese tend to breathe loudly and in an unhealthy manner. Proper breathing and fat loss go hand in hand. There is a lot of correlation here.

When the body accumulates fat, it packs on the body in a protective manner, even though the body doesn’t need protecting. The body could utilize muscle as a source of protection also. When fat is added the body can get a syndrome known as OHS.

Excess Fat Makes It More Challenging To Breathe Properly

Obesity hypoventilation syndrome is (OHS) OHS is a breathing disorder caused by not breathing enough oxygen. It is essentially ‘underbreathing’ whereas hyperventilation is the opposite, overbreathing. OHS leads to low oxygen levels and too much carbon. dioxide in your blood.

This can happen for several reasons. First, the fat that weights on the chest and stomach makes it harder for these muscles to expand and contract, getting enough oxygen consistently.

In order to combat this and to bring the body back into alignment and harmony we must focus on the breathe and be very intentional about it. This way the nervous system is trained to breathe properly when your mind is off, and when the subconscious programming runs the show. Also, while the subconscious mind controls your breathing patterns while asleep.

Ideally you train your nervous system and body to breathe properly and deeply enough to inhale enough oxygen and to push out enough carbon dioxide. If there were 3 strategic tips to utilize oxygen more efficiently and to exhale more carbon dioxide to ‘exhale fat faster’ it would be these:

Breathe: Spend a few minutes each day (at a minimum) breathing as consciously as possible. In order to breathe properly you need to open your chest and stomach both. You’re going to breathe in through your nose (always) and out through your nose or mouth. I find it easiest to use the nose for breathing and the mouth for eating, drinking and talking. Give the mouth a break and breathe right! The breathing should be deep enough to fill your stomach with air. You want oxygen to get into your diaphragm and into your stomach. If you breathe shallow (only into your chest) the oxygen does not get deeply into your body, and you aren’t able to exhale as much C02 (carbon dioxide) which is the true key to fat loss.

Move: Moving your body is an easy way to get more oxygen in and more carbon dioxide out. Even if it’s just going for a walk, or a short bike ride, or a swim. Some yoga. Whatever it is, just move. Move more often and your breath will follow that movement, giving you additional benefits. There’s not much that can replace physical movement. It’s a necessity, so get it in!

Burn: Melt calories with heat. Fire! Stoke your metabolism with cayenne, ginger, turmeric, clove and any other hot spice or food that comes from nature. You can also burn calories in the heat of the sun, a sauna or steam room. Heat is a tool to help you burn fat and breathe more deeply and exhale more intentionally. If you sit in the sauna at a gym or spa you’ll hear “haaaaa” and that is the beautiful sound of people exhaling their body fat. Not that I want to breathe it back in, but you get the picture!

Keep in mind that we may normally think of fat loss in terms of calories in and calories out, but that’s not quite the truth. If you lose 10 pounds of fat, 84 percent of that (8.4 pounds) will be breathed out as carbon dioxide from your lungs.

Breathe more intentionally and use the breathe to your favor. We’ll be discussing in weeks to come how you can engage the breath more intentionally to remove more C02 and therefore fat.

If you’re interested in using your breath intelligently to burn fat in a more efficient way, faster. Check out the Lumen metabolism optimizing device by watching the video below:

I just got a Lumen and am finding the insight of how my metabolism is performing insightful.

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