Healthy Wild Free - Why You Need To Squat When You Take a Bowel Movement

Why You Need To Squat When You Take a Bowel Movement

Our society is incredibly conducive to bad posture. Weak posture and overall sluggishness. Whether we’re working at a desk or slouching in our car while driving our posture has taken a toll and this has effected many other areas of our life. One key area of posture that most would overlook completely is that posture you have on the toilet while taking a bowel movement.

Yep, even posture there matters. Surprised? Don’t be. Many other countries in the world naturally squat when they take a bowel movement and their colon thanks them for it.

This video I recorded about 7 years ago now shares why:

Visit Squatty Potty by clicking here to reposition your body while taking bowel movements to get the most out!

Here’s The Before And After Difference:

As you can see being in a squatted position while taking a bowel movement allows the muscles to relax fully allowing for a larger bowel movement. I speak from firsthand experience (squatting myself every time I poop now) and can verify that your bowel movements will be healthier and you’ll have less fecal waste inside your body. This is a good thing!

Squatty potty makes it easy. We carry squatty potty products in our store or you can visit their website directly by clicking here. Start squatting and see a difference in the health of your bowel movements today.

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