Healthy Wild Free - Zinc Plus This Nutrient are Necessary Nutrients For Muscles, Immunity & Sleep

Zinc Plus This Nutrient are Necessary Nutrients For Muscles, Immunity & Sleep

As a child we don’t understand the importance of nutrition. Our body is filled with vitality, youthfulness and energy. Even when we are deficient in nutrients as children we have so much life force energy that it’s not going to affect us like a nutritional deficiency as an adult with a work schedule, a home schedule, a mortgage payment and so much more.

Zinc is one of those incredibly important minerals. If deficient your immune system, muscle strength and sleep quality all suffer. If sufficient in zinc, your muscles develop stronger, your immune system is fortified and your sleep quality increases.

In 2000, a group of researchers studied the intake of Zinc on NCAA football players. Over a 7 week period they found that the group taking Zinc had higher levels of both testosterone and growth hormone, which directly correlated to muscle growth.

Zinc is also strongly correlated to the response of the immune system and helps to strengthen and fortify immunity. Zinc deficiency is linked to reduced brain function, lack of appetite, hair loss and impaired immune function. I noticed that when I was deficient in Zinc my hair would fall out more often also.

It is important to get Zinc in your diet, but I found that even though I did have Zinc rich foods in my diet I needed to support it further, and it was worth it as my hair stopped falling out and I became more immune, and felt stronger overall.

What’s Important To Know About Zinc’s Co-factor Magnesium

What’s important to know is that Zinc is paired with magnesium for absorption. In other words, these two nutrients work together to support each other and the absorption of each, specifically magnesium. Magnesium needs sufficient levels of zinc in order to absorb. So, if you’re deficient in Zinc magnesium may be the best place to start and add magnesium to the mix with zinc.

In other words, if you don’t have enough Zinc in your body, the magnesium will not absorb. We all know how important magnesium is. To learn about the importance of magnesium and the 6 different forms of magnesium read this article here.

I use two key products that support my zinc and magnesium levels from a company called Omica Organics. One is the Guava leaf zinc formula and the other is a magnesium topical spray.

You can visit by clicking here. Use the discount code VFDF7M for 10% off your entire order! This code works for each order from Omica Organics. So save it for future use.

Top 5 Zinc Food Sources:

  1. Oysters
  2. Beef
  3. Chicken Leg
  4. Hemp Seeds
  5. Lentils

It’s good to know that these foods are high in zinc and to have them in your diet. Mix them up and get a range of sources of Zinc in your diet.

Keep in mind that you’re fortifying immunity, improving sleep quality, strengthening and conditioning muscles and improving brain function and health by adding more Zinc into your routine. Your magnesium will also absorb properly and efficiently which has many affects on your health as well.

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